We’re pleased to share news about a free program that connects post secondary students with your projects.

The students receive $1,400 for 80 hours of remote work, provided directly to the students via LevelUp, which is funded by the federal government, through their Innovative Work-Integrated Learning Initiatives program.

To restate: this is a fully funded program. The host business contributes by providing enriching learning and growth opportunities for the student interns.

Your business does not need to be an employer in the traditional sense, meaning that a CRA payroll account is not needed. This makes the program a match for most businesses, regardless of their size or whether they have employees.

The interns are matched to your business through a user-friendly web-based platform showcasing interested students, who apply for the project(s) that you’ve posted on the LevelUp platform. The folks at LevelUp support employers with the platform’s use every step of the way.

Businesses can post as many projects as they’d like, and work with as many students as they want on each project. We’ve already accessed the program, and have found the experience to be enriching for the students, while advancing our own projects at the same time.

If you’d like to post a project, sign up here; or set up an online meeting with LevelUp representative Victoria here.

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