Updated June 6, 2021. Note that this program closed on June 4th. 

Available to British Columbia businesses only, the Circuit Breaker Business Relief Grant offered between $2K and $20K of non-repayable funding to hospitality and fitness businesses that have been negatively impacted by the March 30 2021 Public Health Order related to ‘gatherings and events; and liquor / food serving premises’. Hotels, motels, and ‘other short term accommodation businesses’ were then added, based on the April 23 2021 Health Order related to travel.

The applicant business must have been operating since February 1, 2021.

Grant levels were tied to ‘how many BC employees and contracted staff [the applicant business would] normally expect to have outside of the pandemic’. Those with no employees in ‘usual times’ would qualify to receive $2,000. Those with between 1 and 4 employees could expect $4,000. The most common applicant group (5-99 employees) would land in the $10,000 grant window.

Those businesses that had applied for this grant during its first iteration (when grant amounts were half of the current levels) need not re-apply to get the grant amount doubled. On the practical side, this money, although quite sure to be funneled to applicant organizations, has been very slow to hit bank accounts. My clients were still awaiting their funds, even as the BC Health Order was being relaxed.

The program ran to June 4, 2021, and was expected to distribute $100M to nearly 8,000 BC businesses.

For more program info, click here.

The direct link to submit an application is here.

The online process is simplified considerably for businesses that have already applied for the Small and Medium Sized Business Recovery Grant Program, as the web-based application pulls from documentation already submitted for this program.

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